Republicans Launch Facebook App to Defeat Obama

I found this article interesting as a juxtaposition to the article “Obama and the Power of Social Media and Technology.” The Democratic party has been referred to as the “social party” as it is perceived as more adept at utilizing the variety of social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.). Evidence supporting the use of that moniker was abundant in Obama’s case as his campaign took control of the social media arena, not only connecting with supporters, but also facilitating connections between supporters. The Obama campaign made the MyBO social website the hub of their social presence, with Facebook (and other social networks), Twitter, blogs, and YouTube serving as spokes to its overall new media strategy.

While it remains to be seen what the Romney campaign will do with social media in the 2012 election, the GOP is working to improve its social media presence by launching a new Facebook app called the “Social Victory Center.”

This app is designed to help supporters to connect with each other, to volunteer, to organize events, and to donate money. In other words, it does for the GOP what MyBO did for the Obama campaign during the 2008 election.

The Obama campaign certainly has not been resting on its laurels since 2008. While this app is a strategy of the GOP as a whole, and not necessarily representative of what the Romney campaign has planned for social media in the 2012 elections, if the “Social Victory Center” is the best the GOP can muster in the social space then their prediction that it “will give the party the edge it needs in both the online and offline race to the White House” may be mistaken.

Do you think the “Social Victory Center” app on Facebook will be sufficient to help the GOP overcome the social media prowess of the Democratic party – specifically the Obama campaign? What else could they do in conjunction with the “Social Victory Center” to improve their social media strategy?

I also came across an interesting YouTube video in which the Facebook pages of Romney and Obama are analyzed.


2 thoughts on “Republicans Launch Facebook App to Defeat Obama

  1. I’m not sure if the app on Facebook is sufficient for the GOP to help the GOP overcome the social media prowess of the Democratic party, but I think it will get the the base that is savvy with social media fired up. The Obama campaign will probably pay attention to this app and see how much awareness the app gets.

    Maybe this is a stretch, but it would not hurt to have a mobile app linking to the Social Victory Center?

  2. The “Social Victory Center” app is definitely a step in the right direction for the Republican Party. I like the “Opportunities Near You” feature, which displays a map of upcoming GOP events in your area.

    Despite this new social media tool (that does seem to have strong potential), I feel that the Republican Party still has a long way to go if they are trying to out-do Obama on the social media front. Engaging older Republicans through social media will be a tough challenge. Maybe partner with leading senior-citizen-focused websites such as

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