Is Google+ lagging behind again?

In class we have discussed why Google+ has not taken off and how it seems to consistently lag behind Facebook.  Google+ has been behind the 8 ball but some of its features are beneficial yet audiences are not receptive to jump in feet first and sign up with most already ingrained in Facebook.  At a Google event in Saudia Arabi it was reported that there are many previously unannounced features coming to Google+, one of which is a third party comment platform.  Third party comments are something that we’ve become familiar with over the past two years or so, when you are on a website you can like the article/feature, share it with friends, post it to your wall, you are able to take the link right to your social network be it Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter.  Google+ previously had not enabled this feature with their social network.  According to the announcement this week, it is expected in the future that Google+ will expand with this type of platform.  This looks like another attempt by Google to push Google+ into the public eye and ensure that Google users are further ingrained in their account and keep active on their Google+ account.

Facebook has already done this.  Is this another example of G+ missing the curve again?  Will this help increase membership and encourage more users to be active?

One additional announcement from this event is the use of vanity URLs, Facebook does not offer this yet (it does offer full  Instead of a full URL users can create a vanity url for their account,  That is convenient, a nice feature and link shortening is really popular right but is this really something that will encourage addition use?


2 thoughts on “Is Google+ lagging behind again?

  1. I think google + lags behind because of the network effect. The network effect was in full force with Facebook way before Google + came about. The network of Facebook grew exponentially and people do not want to be on two social networks. The only way google + really diffentiates itself is by having the circles feature which is more transparent than facebook. That isn’t a factor to switch over to Google + though. I think Google should focus on the core competencies they do best and try to incorporate social into search results either with Facebook connect or by integrating with Pinterest.

  2. Google + doesn’t have a choice but to play catch up and incorporate into their network features that are highly popular on Facebook. I agree that the network effect has so much to do with Google +’s slow pick up. It would help if Google + come up with something truely unique, innovative, and valueable to start getting people away from Facebook. Facebook would then likely copy it, but Google + would still help boost usership and change their 2nd class citizen perception.

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