Crowdsourcing For a Cause

In an effort to strengthen their corporate responsibility initiatives, more organizations are asking their customers to direct their philanthropic strategy.  It’s one of the latest uses of crowdsourcing, where the consuming public has a say in how a company makes charitable contributions.

What could possibly be the harm in giving customers your company’s checkbook?  Plenty, apparently.

A recent article on Mashable, highlights some of the pitfalls to avoid a PR disaster.

The overall purpose is to encourage a stronger connection between consumer and company, but does this really matter?  Would you be more apt to do business if you could have a say in where they direct their philanthropic resources?


2 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing For a Cause

  1. I think that companies can crowd source to get consumers engaged in these decisions and to show they care. I think by giving consumers the ability to choose it enables them to be more aware of the companies that are giving to charities. I think instead of leaving it fully open to consumers, they should give consumers the ability to vote on a list of charities so that none of them are frauds. They can also solicit suggestions from consumers for the final list for voting.

  2. I tend to agree mostly with the previous comment. Although companies should certainly encourage their customers to be involved in their philanthropic activities, the companies themselves should take the lead.

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