Facebook Timeline: Everything You Need To Know Before The Changeover


Towards the end of last year, Facebook unveiled its timeline. Over the coming weeks, everyone of its 800 million users will be switched to this new interface. Is it really a “new way to express who you are”, as Mark Zuckerberg says, or a creepy invasion of privacy? Here’s five things you need to know about it…

What is it?

Timeline combines your Facebook profile and wall to give you a page that looks like the bastard child of MySpace and Twitter. It tells your life story – your Facebook life story, anyway – in a scrolling, reverse-chronological order. Sort of like a narcissistic Pinterest or really vain visual blog.

If you’re not already using it, you daft Luddite, there should be some “Introducing Timeline – a new kind of profile” spiel at the top of your profile page. Click “Get Timeline” and you’ll get a timeline.

What’s on it?

Status updates, photos, a cover (big photo), apps, friends added, job history, relationship status changes and all the other guff we clutter our profiles with.

From the day you were born right up to the present day, you can relive it all: every embarrassing drunken night out and correlating hangover; all the people you’ve been out with and subsequently split from; all the thrilling places you’ve visited and checked in to …. It basically makes remembering things obsolete. (Admittedly there is a gaping hole between the year you were born and the year you joined Facebook, but those years were probably shit anyway. If an event’s not worth an update it’s probably not worth remembering.)



6 thoughts on “Facebook Timeline: Everything You Need To Know Before The Changeover

  1. I just activated Timeline on my Facebook account and I think that Facebook did a very good job. The important and most memorable moments of mine are shown and I think it would give anybody who views my profile a good summary of the last few years of my life (i.e. fun nights out, vacations, wedding day, birthday parties, etc). I don’t think that it is invading my privacy in any way since I chose to post all of the information in the first place. I choose to friend or accept friend request from people that I am close with and who I am comfortable sharing personal stuff with. If you are somebody who accepts co-workers or other professional acquaintances as friends, then I can see how this would be a concern.

  2. I curious as to Facebook’s reasons for the timeline. I didn’t see the announcement and don’t know what Zuckerberg said regarding the reasons. I’m sure it was pitched as a cool new feature, but also suspect that there are profit driven motives there also. Perhaps it will help Facebook order the data they collect in a more convenient way and help package it for advertisers.

  3. Personally, I don’t think the interface of Timeline is user-friendly, instead it is sort of confusing to me because it is full of pictures, apps, etc. Timeline makes Facebook look more like Tumblr and Pinterest. On the other hand, I think the introduced new feature of Timeline is to increase the value of Facebook to advertisers. It seems that the new feature could help open a new revenue stream for Facebook in that it helps advertisers insert their brand information into users’ life story.

  4. Im all for timeline. This may make people more conscious of what they are posting on line and perhaps get them to think twice before posting the first thing that pops into their head on a daily basis.

  5. I don’t think that Timeline is a good feature. I haven’t tried this yet, but my friends and co-workers changed their page to Timeline. For me there are so much information in Timeline and it became difficult to see the page. Furthermore, we should put more private information into Facebook in order to make Timeline. I’m suspicious about this feature.

  6. I think the new timeline feature gives people a good chance to customize their pages. But i do believe the more important aspect of the new interface is to know the customer behavior from a more through and lifelong perspective.

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