Oscar de la Renta’s The Board

You can be Oscar de la Renta’s Design Inspiration via The Board.

At his most recent Fashion Week Show for Fall 2012, Oscar de la Renta announced his new and exciting line inspiration tool : The Board.  For his Resort 2012 collection Mr. de la Renta has invited his fans, designers, and pretty much anyone who would like to contribute to the inspiration for his next collection.   Anyone can post his design inspiration to The Board, which is live-streamed in Mr. de la Renta’s office. 

I think this is a great way for a design house to draw in a younger audience and capture their attention.  In addition, designers are always looking for inspiration and ways to differentiate themselves from other designers and fashion houses.   Overall, the advancements in technology and social media have made the once exclusive fashion world accessible to everyone.  Not only can you watch a fashion show live-streamed now, but you can also contribute to its creation.  So what’s next?


1)   Do you think this is an effective marketing and creative strategy and would you participate?

2)   Can you think of any other industry/company where they have given fans a similar opportunity to contribute their ideas? 


4 thoughts on “Oscar de la Renta’s The Board

  1. I think this is definitely an effective marketing and creative strategy. Not only can the designer gather more ideas and inspiration, but he can also sense the fashion trend for ordinary customers. There is little limitation on the user age of social media, thus I guess he is not only targeting younger people. I would like to participate as long as I have some great ideas for these designers.

    In today’s business world, every business is trying to build good relationship with its stakeholders. These include shareholders as well as suppliers, inter-media players, and most importantly customers. Thanks to the efficiency of convenience usability of social media, more and more fans can be engaged in their business. Motion picture and television industry are the ones that considerably leverage the usage of social media. Audience do not just talk about the drama, their’s opinions to some extent may affect the future of the story. This post reminds me of a film project called “Inside” a year ago, which have attracted a large number of fans and taken advantage of their ideas.

  2. I definitely think this is an effective marketing strategy. It enables the brand to be discussed among common consumers and also facilitates chatter about the brand. It also enables users to be creative and helps Oscar de La Renta come up with new ideas that he may not have thought of.

    This reminded me of the other post about the Sam Adam’s beer where users could vote on the beer and have a say in the new beer flavor. It also reminded me of a preview I saw of a movie produced by Ron Howard that was created based on photo submissions from the public.


  3. This is definitely a effective marketing strategy, it helps build the social aspects of what they do. I would be interested to see the analytics on not just the board’s site but their website and social accounts, I wonder how this has impacted them.

    I also see this as an avenue for a budding designer, photographer, artist, etc. If de la Renta shares their work as his inspiration and brings attention to their work this could open up opportunities for them and be a big help in their career.

  4. I think this also speaks to the personal ownership of brands being facilitated by social media. Celebrities and athletes are their own brands, and social media brings them in contact with their fans in a way never before possible. I personally find this kind of interaction to help strengthen brand loyalty. Oscar de la Renta is another individual who is also his brand and is looking to benefit from this same effect. I like the fact that is extending beyond celebrities into other industries.

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