Social Media Week – Bloomberg is in the game…

Hi guys, today I walked into my office to find a rather large banner saying “Social Media Week” with Bloomberg branding all around it.  I took my curiosity to the web and discovered its “Social Media Week“.  There are tons of events going on and it appears my employer is one of many in the game…

This one sounds particularly interesting…Howard Lindzon who is CEO of Stocktwits is speaking.

Although registration is sold out for events at Bloomberg, many are being broadcasted live via livestream.  I guess youtube missed out on this opportunity?  Or maybe this will give them an idea to have a channel dedicated to Social Media.  I also find it interesting that requires you to create an account, but livestream allows you to login with facebook…shouldn’t the web already know this stuff?


One thought on “Social Media Week – Bloomberg is in the game…

  1. Paul – Thanks for the post on Social Media Week… and you are correct, there are many events all week that are being live streamed. This will actually be part of the class assignment for this week. See you all tonight!

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