Weather Gets Social!

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Weather is one of the most common topics in social occasions. This article introduces a new social website named Metwit where people can share real-time weather conditions using tags, tweets or personalized expressions, and the information will be immediately displayed on Google maps. This real-time collective weather source not only fills a need for original and real-time information, but also helps deal with some weather-related events. Besides, based on the locations and weather conditions, the network can actively involve people through weather related content and share current activities or even meet friends around.

As you may have noticed weather forecasts are sometimes inaccurate, do you think this “social weather” network is something that you will trust and use? Where do you see the future of it? And beyond the basic real-time weather collecting function, what other added functions can make the network become more valuable and interactive?


6 thoughts on “Weather Gets Social!

  1. I think this is a great tool for those that are ‘into’ weather – those people that watch the weather channel 24/7 – because it gives them access to others that are just as passionate about it.
    But for checking the forecast, I find it unlikely that I would turn to this as my source. Weather changes so rapidly, that I’m not sure I could get an accurate sense of what could happen. While these accounts may tell me what’s happening in one location, at a given moment, there’s no accounting for changes in the pattern by the time that system reaches me.
    Socially, it’s a fun outlet for a niche audience, but I wouldn’t rely on it for future forecasting.

  2. I think this is definitely a useful tool for someone to check out what the weather is like when they want to go our. It’d better to see what others say about the weather when they’re really outside. Besides, social networks is more accessible than 24/7 weather channels. It’s also more social and fun combined with the location and given moment features.
    As you’ve mentioned in the post, some time even professional weather forecast can be inaccurate, then how can people rely on non-professionals who just sense the prediction?

  3. I feel that this would rarely be reliable. I prefer to have my source come from a place with a better background in the area (national weather service etc) but as with all social media there is always a place. If I am heading to the yankees game and its forecasted to rain hopefully this would help let me know if its raining before I decide to head up. Would I DL this for that reason? Probably not, I’d have to think about other reasons to use it before deciding if its worth it.

  4. Interesting. I can definitely see the use for people who play outdoor sports like the article mentions. I don’t know if I would trust it as my main source of weather forecasts though.

  5. People would love it if the accurate information about weather is assessible though this platform. So to speak, it offers a brand-new and creative channel for social networking. But one concern is that if this platform is really effective and helpful in reaching people and function as a bridge between them since weather is not primary part of daily life.

  6. I agree with everyone above in that I wouldn’t use this as my source for weather information. Other people can tell me the current weather conditions, but they can’t provide me with forecasts. Weather is often the topic used to break awkward silences, not something I am specifically socializing about. I don’t see any added value for me.

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