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Social Entertainment Startup GetGlue Corrals Fans for Advertisers

Have you ever heard of or used GetGlue?  The concept isn’t something that we hadn’t heard of before, discussing our favorite moments of our TV programs or the Duke/Carolina game with friends and coworkers, usually these conversations happen at the water cooler, but now, like everything else in the social media world, we can make this happen instantly.  GetGlue is a social entertainment network that allows users on their network to check-in while they watch TV programming or reading a book, creating a “live feed” of your entertainment and giving you a medium to discuss with your friends and other users.

GetGlue is a fairly new start up, created in 2009, but has already partnered with HBO (unpaid, strictly for awareness and building a following) and Pepsi, amongst others.  GetGlue has built a 2 million user network that checked-in actively over 100 million times in 2011.  Experts believe that GetGlue should bring in $1 million in revenue and finally turn a profit.  Although it is great that they are monetizing their startup so quickly, its greatest asset may be what it brings to advertisers, networks, and cable providers.  AdAge is already running weekly chart of the Top 10 shows checked-in to on GetGlue. GetGlue can pinpoint audiences throughout the duration of a broadcast, they can monitor conversation, and get a profile of exactly who their viewer is.  Look at an analysis of Super Bowl XLVI check-ins on GetGlue (and yes, it was the most checked-in of any program in GetGlue history):

Should it continue to grow or be acquired by a larger network (Google or Facebook) this could be the tip of the iceberg.

Is GetGlue just another social network/application start up? What does the future hold for it?  Will it maintain growth? Profitability?  Or is it a tool for marketers, and content providers?  Only time will tell.



5 thoughts on “Check in on your TV

  1. I think there is some validity in this. Sometimes it feels like posting on facebook or twitter that your watching Two and a Half Men has lag between finding out who else is watching and what they are thinking. If its all on your TV and maybe a custom remote, it would be faster and easier to connect to an audience doing the same thing you are.

  2. I agree with Paul that sometimes there is a lag on Facebook or Twitter between finding out who else is watching and what they are thinking. Also, there are times when there is not enough conversation about a program I am watching.

    However, it seems like a little much to have to join another network to talk about TV shows when people are already doing this on other sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter). In addition, on these sites, networks of friends already exist. These would have to be recreated on GetGlue.

    GetGlue feels like something that will eventually be acquired by a larger network. By acquiring GetGlue, Facebook or Google could offer a new product to it users – getting them to come to the sites more and stay longer. And GetGlue would not have to fight with the larger sites over users.

  3. This definitely seems like something that would be a good feature on a social networking site that already exists. I do like the idea that you are connected to people who are watching now and there would be no lag time. But it’s another network you and your friends need to join. While it offers more bells and whistles you can already converse with other viewers by using twitter and hashtags.

    This definitely seems like technology that will be acquired by a larger company.

  4. There is exactly a similar but better social network like this in China called douban ( For me, douban is just like the combination of facebook(when you use it online through a laptop), twitter (when you use it via your mobile device), imdb and other social network on which you can check-in what movie you’ve just watched, what series you’re following, what album you’re listening to and have listened before, what books you’re reading and have read before. Douban has become increasingly popular since it also has some feature like public page, group and etc. The more benefits you include in your social networks, the more people will get interested and coming in.
    However, I have a question for this GetGlue: is this check-in just like a post sending out message what user’s interested in or is it a check-in on the moment? From the respective view of HBO, if this appliance can provide on-air check-in, it’s just like a new method for television rating process.

  5. I actually decided to check out GetGlue after we talked about it in class. I’ve checked in once, but can already see the added benefit. The level and depth of conversation about a show on GetGlue far exceeds that which I’ve seen on Facebook Twitter. It seemed to be more of a place to host conversation as opposed to merely express yourself. While I do think it’d be a great tool for one of the larger networks to have, I also think that it can make it on its own because it serves as a niche network.

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