Bonus Blog Post: Buy My Book! (Or at least follow it…)

So, as I’ve mentioned a couple of times in class, my first novel, Robert’s Rules of Karaoke, comes out next month (next Sunday, in fact). It’s being published as an e-book by, a new venture that’s a mix of literary agency and publisher (they sell the e-book while trying to get me into print). As I mentioned in our class discussion of DirectSnap a couple of weeks ago, this is one of the great positive effects of the Internet in terms of the creation and distribution of content. My comment on DirectSnap was that it probably has more of a future as a part of ESPN or CBS’s online coverage of college football than as a stand-alone site, but its creators can use stand-alone success to show the value of their creation. By the same token, I’m hoping that selling an e-book (whether on TheWriteDeal or Amazon or another site) will show the value to a print publisher, and in the meantime, I get to sell the e-book.

Anyway, I’ve launched a social media campaign to promote the book, and given that the business use of social media is the focus of our class, I figured it made sense to share my efforts with you folks and get your thoughts. So far, Robert’s Rules of Karaoke has a page on Facebook, a Twitter account, and a Google+ page (which I haven’t done much with, based on the lukewarm feelings expressed in class on Monday). I’ve also created a Spotify playlist and a Pandora station based on the songs mentioned in the book, which I’m promoting via the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages as both a means of building excitement for the book and as a suggested soundtrack for reading.

What do you guys think so far? Are there things I should be doing that I’m not currently? Are there things that you don’t think I should be doing? Let me know.

(p.s. Buy my book!)


One thought on “Bonus Blog Post: Buy My Book! (Or at least follow it…)

  1. Hi Elliot,

    I too have recently published a book. It’s titled New Frontiers in Technical Analysis. {}. Challenges were plenty and since I’ve been asked about doing another. Let’s just say I’m not in a rush…and I have slightly looked into the approach you have taken, such as

    I thought I’d share this…From Wiley’s view, in summary, Amazon is where its at. The books that sell best have more information about the author than the book and having a detailed author page on amazon with video was emphasized. Im getting around to it…

    They also discussed what a browser does before buying a book online. From what I understand it’s scrolling down the page and looking at who is affiliated, other suggested titles, buying two titles for a discount, reviews, comments, stars etc. less clicking and more scrolling.

    My thought is it could be valuable to check out the amazon author pages…that may give you more ideas on how to represent you and the book in addition to hitting all the social media sites.

    Also, I noticed this weeks business week magazine cover is “Amazon Wants to Burn the Book Business”. Thought that might interest you…

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