Surprise hit Pinterest a top 10 most-trafficked social network


Pinterest is an online scrapbooking service website. As a virtual inboard, it lets people “pin” collections of images of their favorite food, clothes, places and anything else they find interesting on the web to their pin-boards and share them with others.

Here is a video to show what Pinterest is and how to use it.

According to the report of data intelligence company Hitwise, Pinterest has skyrocketed into the top ten most visited social networks of the past year and continues to gain traction and popularity. While still invite-only, it has captured the imagination of people as the number of users has nearly 11 million visitors. What’s more, investors also see its potential as the startup has raised more than $37 million in funding from the venture capitalists.

Why is it so popular?

Personally, I think the visual and organized interface might be one of the most important reasons that makes Pinerest stand out. Comparing with Tumblr and Twitter, the categorization of Pinterest is more clear and targeted. You could easily find what you want or like through the categorized menu. You could also regard it as a bookmarking utility by using a picture as a bookmark to find the post you would like to go back to.

Pinterest has been a particular hit with women. Its female positioning strategy is really successful. I often see a lot of girls take a picture of what they eat at a restaurant or what they find interesting and then post them online for sharing. A lot of girls are addicted to such kind of thing. Pinterest provides them this opportunity and a lot of females become the fans of it.

The images on Pinterest are just like a visual feast. I think it has the potential to be an excellent opportunity for the marketers, especially for such brands like luxury goods or apparels. Considering the power of images, brands can create buzz for their products and visually entice potential customers through Pinterest. By posting photos of the products, Pinterest offers a way for brands to establish visually stunning interaction between themselves and their customers. If a company can take full advantage of Pinteret board to show off its product lines, it may build good brand image and communicate a brand’s personality. Pinterest has its “comment” and “repin” function, so it is also an ideal platform on which to introduce a new product, collect firsthand intelligence and decide whether to launch the new product. I think it could be a new social media channel for the companies when they implement their marketing strategies.


What do you think of the reasons why people are obsessed with Pinterest? Do you think it would be more and more popular in the future?

What do you think of the value of Pinterest for companies in terms of the brand strategy?


3 thoughts on “Surprise hit Pinterest a top 10 most-trafficked social network

  1. As an avid StumbleUpon user, I see the benefit of being able to visually organize your bookmarks. I do not use Tumblr, but Pinterest does seem to resemble Tumblr in some ways in that it is a hub of Internet content curated by the user. As mentioned in the post, it does seem to have a distinctly female positioning and that might help differentiate it from Tumblr. With so many social networks popping up, I just wonder if this one will be a passing fad or if it has staying power.

  2. It is an interesting concept, but it seems that it may be to narrowly focussed for long term potential. They are growing, but they are roughly the same size as Google+, which has only been active for roughly three months. If it is truly something that consumers want, Facebook or Google+ will most likely incorporate a similar feature into their site reducing the need for Pinterest . Their strategy of targeting women; however, is a big advantage relative to Twitter or Facebook and could be very beneficial to female oriented brands.

  3. I think pininterest is gaining traction since it enables users to be highly organized in their web searches and book marks. I can’t tell you how many times I typed in the same web addresses or have to search for something a million times. This would definitely help with that. Also, I think it is interesting that they are targeting women since they are very organized and it enables them to share blogs, recipes, etc. with their friends easily.

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