10 Tips to Optimize Your Post on Facebook or Twitter 

Are you proficient in posting news on Facebook or Twitter and get exposure in short time? Are you puzzled by the situation that someone tweets the almost same content like you do but get way more reposts and comments?

Whatever brand marketing your company’s product/ service or publicize yourself, the ten tips raised by this article maybe help.


To save your time (because the final is coming), I took the “snapshot”.

  • Work out the best time to tweet using free tools

There are five free tools in the Tweeter world—When to Tweet, Tweriod, Tweetwhen, TweetReports and TweetStats.

They look at your followers and when they tweet the most to indicate when they will be online. So when your followers tweet the most, it is also the best time for you to post the content.

  • Tweet often

Based on research, the frequency is nearly as important as the timing.

  • Post to Facebook at lunchtime

FB is different from Twitter, which has a much lower post frequency. So the best time is the lunch break when the most exposure occurs.

  • Post up to eight news stories on your FB page each day

For brand, once or twice a day is enough. Otherwise it looks like spamming.

But for news media, it is a different story. They are welcomed to post five to eight times a day in terms of news coverage.

  • Get to grips with EdgeRank, FB’s algorithm

EdgeRank is a FB newsfeed algorithm, and it filters to figure out which status updates you the fan is going to be most interested in.

As marketing people or news journalist, you’d better be well aware of how and when to update status to attract your audiences.

  • Ask questions and tease new stories to encourage people to comment and like

A tease headline will open the door for engagement. A comment is worth more than a like or share. So raise some questions.

  • Don’t use a third-party application to auto-post news stories to FB

Some third-party apps are whitelisted by FB but some are not. Thus when you auto-post news, only headline pumps in but the content does not.

  • Always have a story in your fans’ FB news feed

 Try to always get your status posted in your friends’ news feeds at once. Too much information in one time can be annoying.

  • Consider really short posts and photo posts

Don’t cram too many characters; just make them short and sweet. Try to post your status along with a photo to be visual engaging.

  • Dig deep into the analytics and measure your fans’ engagement  

Take a little time analyze which posts got the most comments and likes and shares. Get to learn something like consumer behaviors.


 Ten tips above based on the concept of SMO (social media optimization),which is the methodization of social media activity with the intent to attracting unique visitors to website content.

As far as I am concerned, the primary rule to optimize social media platforms to brand you, still, is to join the conversation. I believe a long-term participation is the core key to success that not only spread out your message faster but also prolonging your buzz.

Moreover, always know how to target your audiences. It is not merely matter of timing and frequency to show up, but more important, to create something which resonate with your audiences. Find your niche audiences and build up with solid relationship or even bran allies. That probably is more of significance to business operation than individuals.

Last, chose your SMO tactics wisely. Some tips are right for one brand or industry but maybe not others. Like Tip 4, news business have to post at least 5-8 times to draw audiences’. But for other brands, too many posting will put themselves down in a negative path.

To wrap up, though in the ever-changing communication environment of digital media, we cannot guarantee your success and popularity even if you seriously follow those suggestions.  However, the content is still the king. The social media platforms can be enablers to provide with more convenience and innovative methods, but the essence of the great marketing is about idea.


Do you believe in those tips the article came up with?  Will you give a shot to try some of them?

What rules or suggestions for social media marketing or “to make yourself popular” would you add here?



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