Google Plus’ Positioning?

Google chose Thanksgiving to debut its first Google+ TV commercial, with the tagline “sharing but like real life.” The ad focuses on all the ways in which Google+ is different from Facebook: the social network’s circles feature as a way to target information to the people you believe will be most interested in it.

Check it out below.

Do you think this feature is good enough for Google+ to differentiate itself from Facebook?

To me, setting up a group on Facebooks works pretty much the same as this circle feature of Google+. It’s just a new interesting way to share information to the people in my circle. I don’t think only this will be enough to top Facebook popularity.

Here is the link to this very short article:


3 thoughts on “Google Plus’ Positioning?

  1. I actually just signed on to Google + for maybe the first time since I joined. I tried to “find friends” using Google + and there is still a very small presence of participants using the site. I don’t think the circles feature is enough, considering you need friends using the site to create these circles. Unless they find a way to recruit new users and get people to be active on the site, I don’t think it will be able to sustain and will lose the battle to Facebook.

  2. I agree with Caitlin. I have not yet signed up to join Google +, because upon searching for friends on the site I found that most of my close friends have not yet joined Google +; therefore, it does not make sense for me to commit time to creating an account and profile on a site that currently does not provide me much interaction with most of my closest friends and family members. Although, from the commercial clips, I do think it appears that the Circles feature on Google + will be more beneficial to users looking to easily chat & interact with a certain group of people than the Facebook Group and Subscribe functions provide. Even though the Circles feature seems more enticing to some users, I still do not think it will be enough of a factor for most Facebook users to delete or abandon their Facebook profile and switch to focusing all of their time and energy into creating their social identity “from scratch” on a brand new networking site. I do think steps like this will allow Google to continue to be the best competition Facebook has, but I do not think at the present moment these different steps will be enough to completely overtake Facebook as the leading social networking site.

  3. I joined Google+ just to see what it would be like. I don’t actively use it because no one else is on there. The only reason I use it is to “hangout” with my family in different parts of the country. That feature has caused my family to all join but we use other methods to schedule when we are going to “hangout,” i.e. texting, and actually facebook sometimes.

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