Google online music store is coming with a twist

It seems not unexpected that Google recently launched its online music store because the company is always showing the world its ambition not merely in being the search giant but in variety possible aspects, like well-performed Android system, debatable Google+ and so forth.

Personally, however, I think that the new launch comes along with twist and risk if it seeks to sooner win over the music streaming market.

First of all, as the article indicates, the music store is roughly launched with a limited basis because of the incomplete agreement with four major music labels. Sony and Warner are the two biggest holdouts in this deal and Universal Music requires a negotiation. Google’s Android chief Andy Rubin claims that the tension with those music companies is attributed to their misunderstanding of what kind of role Google truly goes for. Rubin stressed, “Google is in the very, very early phases of adding consumer products to our portfolio. The media industry didn’t see us as that. They saw us as a search company.”

Additionally, it is unclear to observe whether the integration of Google online music store and Google+ will feature similar to what Spotify and Facebook did in terms of music recommendations and immediate content sharing. Or, to what extent the Google music store would compete the ITunes Match, which syncs up user’s library with icloud pretty fast. Moreover, the integration of Spotify and FB is cross-boarder merge of two leaders in each of their fields that the cooperation can benefits from more music resources, giant user basis and broad social influences. While what Google does is an internally vertical merge with only limited music database and a semi-mature social networking service.

Questions: Do you think Google online music store will succeed in terms of trumping Itunes, Spotify and other competitors?Do you believe the integration model of music streaming and SNS can be a universal profitable case?

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4 thoughts on “Google online music store is coming with a twist

  1. Under normal circumstances, I would be concerned with a company coming out with a music platform without contractual agreements with any of the 4 major music labels but this is Google so they have at least a fighting chance of success. Word is they are close on getting the deals done if they can clear up some security issues to prevent privacy of music and sweeten the revenue for the music labels. Google is diversifying there overall business model yet again to better compete for market share with apple and facebook on the music front.
    If Google is better able to offer cheaper downloaded music, better mobility of the download (use of music on many platforms) and most importantly having a large variety of music they should be able to take some market share from I-tunes/ spotify. I am curious to see how (if this music platform succeeds) Google would build on the social networking service with the music. Not everything Google touches turns to gold but they have enough cash to compete with anybody. Users of the internet feel comfortable using Google as a search platform but outside of adsense, youtube and the android phone platform Google doesn’t mean that much to your basic user who is searching for content. If they can prove that their music service is the best by doing the above listed actions, Google will attract business not only for music business but for Google plus, SNS, etc. Should be interesting to follow.

  2. It’s hard to say whether Google will be successful in the Music business now, but my inclination is to say that they will be eventually. Anytime you see a technology powerhouse like Google make a major push and investment into a project like this, you need to assume that they are extremely committed to their new direction. In my opinion Google is attempting to mold itself into one of the most complete technology companies in the industry.

    Apple was one of the first companies that ventured into the business model of being a “jack of all trades” when Steve Jobs had the foresight and vision to combine the Apple’s hardware capabilities with their software to create what is now a technology giant that owns their own technology universe. Before Apple companies like Microsoft had great software, but no hardware, and other companies made great hardware, but had no software to create their own technology universe.

    In Google’s case, they may have the opportunity to own more technology space than Apple. They are an Advertising giant with some of the best search engine technology in the industry. They have proven that they can provide great software in the mobile Android market. Google+ covers the social media landscape. Now they are taking their first step into providing media entertainment with Google Music. If you combine this new media offering with YouTube, Google may be creating a recipe to dominate the technology market.

    What I think remains to be seen is if consumers will gravitate to their new technology offerings. Google+ is struggling. Maybe with the addition of Google Music there is more incentive to earn members and users on their social network. Overall I think Google Music will help the Google brand.

  3. I do agree- it is hard to determine this early on if Google Music will be a success or not. It has some tough competition coming from several already well-established music download companies. Google is a technological giant that I believe has good reason for going in this direction with Google Music. Even when Google first started as a search engine, they were an underdog coming into the market last. Today Google is the leading search engine in the world. I believe Google definitely has a chance to be successful with this music integration. They just need to work on getting licensing agreements from all the major labels. Restrictions from any of the major labels, I think will hurt Google music right from the beginning. When consumers visit a music downloading site, they expect no restrictions on what they can search and listen to.

    I also think this Google Music integration with Google+ is a good thing. Google+ is not doing too well, so maybe incorporating a music sharing aspect will entice users to sign up.

  4. Even though launching a music service now without the participation of all four major label companies can be risky, sooner or later Google will build a music-download store and launch music service if it wants to be the biggest Internet and media company, not just a search company, in the world. As Zihan’s point, based on Google’s strong search engine and technology support, as well as its ambition, it is unexpected that Google launches its online music store, following by launched Android system and Google+. Moreover, because of Facebook has co-operated with Spotify to supply online music service, in order to completely compete with Facebook, Google has to integrate streaming music with SNS, especially for Facebook’s directly competitor Google+. What’s more, I think the integration model of music streaming and SNS will be a trend.

    Also, I think users would like to see that Google launches music service because of customer’s behavior and habits and Google’s search engine. According to our habit, when we want to find something, the first mind comes out is google it. The same as music, when we want to look for a song that we don’t know the exactly name, we will type some key words on Google and ask for Google’s help. With Google’s strong database, it will not let us down. That is a main advantage that Google music has. Google music has the same functions as other music platforms but can provide better songs searching experience, why users refuse to use it?

    Besides, I think having a deal with four major label companies is only just a matter of time. No a company will refuse benefits; especially cooperate with the giant media company like Google.

    In short, no matter Google music will success or not, launching music service is an inevitable choice. The point of people discusses and worry about is whether Launching music service is too early for Google without the participation of four major labels. But I believe that these will be no big problem for Google soon.

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