Gamification of News

I came across this article on Mashable about gamification of the news.  This concept can definitely help younger generations take more interest in the news by making it a fun and engaging social activity.

Mashable takes part in this practice by requiring people to log in through Facebook or Twitter in order to leave comments and follow the site.  This automatically links comments to users’ social platforms.

As users are all about gaming and earning rewards, Mashable allots badges for commenting and sharing articles.  These badges are publicly displayed on social sites for friends to recognize, making it even more a sense of achievement.

I think that this is an interesting concept because all of the big news stories over the past few years have spread via social media sites.  Many people actually learned about big events, such as the assassination of Bin Laden or the verdict for the Casey Anthony trial through a social media platform.  The concept of making news into a gaming system could help to educate younger generations that don’t typically check sites like CNN or The New York Times.  By default, while reading their newsfeed on Facebook or on Twitter, they will see articles that their friends have commented on or recommended, and will be more inclined to read the article.

What do you think about this idea – do you think that it is a good way for friends to share stories?

Do you agree that it’s a problem that younger generations only read the newsfeed to find out what is going on in the world?  Do you think that this is a viable solution to that problem, or do you think that something else should be done?


One thought on “Gamification of News

  1. The concept of the gamification of news is interesting as this will promote younger users to consume and share news – something that may be more “rewarding” than a class assignment to read the news. It may present a problem that the only news that the younger generation is getting is through their news feed. This narrowly defines want kind of news they are getting – usually pop-culture centric, big news breaks or negative news. Though this problematic, it still opens their eyes to the world around them. Hopefully it will start encouraging this generation to keep up with current events (outside of what is posted on their FB news feeds).

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