Do you believe in Google Plus?

Are you in the pool of Google+’s 40 million users? How often do you log on you G+ account? Despite the controversy on Google Plus, the author strongly believes that G+ will ultimately succeed.

To save your time, I will summarize his viewpoints.

1. “When they get any traction, Google is excellent at pushing them uphill, bit by bit, year by year, with a relentless tide of data-driven iterations, all the way to the top of the mountain.” He cited Chrome as an example. Moreover, he thinks that G+ today is still far from realizing its commitment. What we saw today is just a clumsy approximation. So, give G+ some time.

2. “There are already a bunch of things G+ does better than Facebook. Photo sharing. Group video chat. Allocating people to Circles. Sharing Circles with others.” Particularly, he emphasize the advantages of circle. “Any of the hundreds of kinds of little or large groups of people that form and dissolve all the time. That’s what Google Plus is good at, and Facebook isn’t.”

3. He believes G+ acknowledges the saying, “our identities — and our relationships — are prisms rather than mirrors, multi-faceted rather than black & white” , in a way that Facebook does not.

In my opinion, Facebook and G+ all realized the importance to sort people into different groups. The difference is that Facebook uses a smart list to automatically generate three kinds of groups while G+ provides you the right to create your own list.  Each has its attractive advantages along with disadvantages. We cannot say G+ surpasses Facebook from this point. I consider it would stand out if one could develop the characteristic that allows people to post different content exclusively to some of their groups. For example, people do not want their colleagues or boss to see their hang-over pictures. They can share those pics with all groups except “the people you work with”. I think this in accord with the ” prisms rather than mirrors” view.

I am not that optimistic as the author. The most challenging obstacle G+ faces is that people hardly willing to move from one social media tool to another. We will all think of the time it may take to get a new one and the existing resource we have on the old one. What’s more, I believe Facebook and G+ both can sensitively and immediately observe the customer needs. Then, both of them will come up with a new amazing function. However, I am not saying that G+ is born to die. I just mean it will take more efforts to make the differentiation. Google entered in a large variety of industries. I think G+ will has a bright future and even overcome Facebook if they can integrate their various resources to support G+.

How do you think the future of G+? And how can G+ survive or someday win the competition against Facebook?

Glad to hear your voices. Thank you!



3 thoughts on “Do you believe in Google Plus?

  1. I have a G+ account but I don’t use it. I probably log on once a month if that. The reason is for the reason you state. Few of my friends have made the transition. But I do think that G+ can survive. It is backed by a large company that doesn’t really like it when things don’t work out. They’ll keep pushing and G+ will find a place in the world.

  2. The topic of whether G+ could pass FB to be the best of bunch is still under heated discussion. Some people argue that those two platforms are interchangable because of their basic similarities.

    G+ definately has a large expansion space depending on solid foundation of Google family. Plus, the well-layered grouping system, the circles, is very useful to protect online privacy especially for the business people who do want to keep their work and private life seperately.

    Though it is genuinely difficult for customers to shift their choices from a rooted and matured media like FB,compared to G+ who is just relatively new, I believe that Google doesn’t aim at defeat FB but to hold a rein over it in terms of market.

    It is interesting to trace what is the next move of G+ and how FB reacts.

  3. In the past few months, the question that whether Google+ can defeat Facebook has been discussed thousands of times. For me, I still believe that G+ defeat FB is possible but G+ needs to expect that FB will make a mistake.

    I think the most possible situation is that G+ and FB, just as Pepsi and Coca-Cola, coexist in the social media world and supply better products and services to us.

    Even though I am one of the 40 million users, I didn’t log on very often because I have few friends on G+. Moreover, I agree with Xuan Wang’s opinion that the most challenging obstacle G+ faces is how to convince the FB customers switch their accounts to G+. Nobody would like to use the similar products at the same time.

    But no matter whether G+ can defeat FB, two things are certainty. One is the emerging of G+ will encourage FB to innovation and provide better services. The second thing is G+ can gradually billabong a lot of users and slow the development speed of FB.

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