Emerging Social Media Sites: Niche May Be Nice After All


The article highlights social networking startups and positions them immediately as Facebook’s competitors.  Upon official release, Google+ hopes to offer a more streamlined social site and address privacy matters more securely compared to Facebook.  Sites such as “Path” and “Fridge” attempt to take a piece of the Facebook pie and target potential niche users who want something more other than what Facebook currently offers.

Social media startups will continue to emerge and try to influence the online community.  Startups question the next chapter of social media and what determines users to defend the best social media site. They also recognize that users have power to set trends, such as whether or not mobile will surpass desktop in the social network experience.

Google+  positions itself to survive and thrive due to Google’s established relationships.  Trust in a social media site takes time and startups are taking the risk.

Based on brand relationship and trust, does Google+ have more ability to remain as a future social media leader compared to Path and Fridge?  Considering social media trends, could another social media startup have an opportunity to surpass Facebook, which is currently at 750 million users?




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