How Mapping Social Media Chatter to TV Commercials Yields Insights

Bluefin Labs Video


Would it be beneficial for marketers to know if there was a connection between the TV programs they run their ads on or the creative itself and social chatter? Sure it would. Since the television business started, brands have been investing money to align their messages with the programs consumers were watching. The only way to demonstrate if this was successful was to tie back that initial investment with actual sales. In the currently fragmented media environment we live in today, this is impossible. Not only is it difficult to know how much of our investment drove sales, we don’t know if people are talking about it or even like it.

Bluefin Labs has made significant progress in developing tools for agencies and marketers that will help them answer these questions. Just in the month of April, Bluefin has identified 42MM people that have responded to content on TV by posting their reactions online through the use of social media. Marketers are now using the insights derived from the research to understand which shows and timeslots, as well as creative, generate the most response.

Is this the feedback loop marketers are looking for?


2 thoughts on “How Mapping Social Media Chatter to TV Commercials Yields Insights

  1. I would agree that social media can be used as a great enhancement to typical marketing channels as it can provide real-time direct feedback with regards to marketing campaigns pointing to both the successes and failures of the campaigns regardless of how typical marketing performance results appear. If I was a marketer I would much rather analyze direct marketing feedback rather than try to analyze antiquated ROI calculations.

  2. This approach to measuring engagement could give marketers a point of information about their brand and advertising that is very unique because of the real time aspect that is mentioned, but also because of the specific demographic information that is potentially attached to the social media users’ comments. While I think it is a good supplement to standard ROI measurements, I don’t see social media response being a primary success measurement anytime soon. But perhaps this information could also be used to discover new profitable segments for a brand that they were not previously targeting. In this way the measurement could potentially prove (or disprove) its accuracy and value.

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