Infographics: An inside look into our lives!

The purpose of selecting this article is to share with everyone how the world around us has changed. Social media impacts us in a big manner each day of our lives. It is interesting to see how people in different industries make a case for Social Media to be set up as a separate department, so as to allocate adequate resources for its smooth functioning. We can also see how the Airlines and Real Estate Industries use the social media platform to strike a chord with their customers.

The part that mentions about what goes on in the minds of American Men when they think about the kind of fast food they want to relish gives us a sneak peek into their buyer behavior. There are infographics that explains the history of social media and provide advertisers with a sense of direction and guidance on the kind of media they can use. The most interesting part of this article for me is the infograph that explains how Facebook affects relationships. This just goes on to show that social media has the ability to get inside the human brain and trace our behavioral pattern.

I guess, in the future we will be able to associate each and every action and decision based on the type of social media we consume. All our opinions will be formed keeping our friends’ and acquaintances’ opinions in mind. I believe that Social Media will completely change the way we think in the future. Your thoughts!


One thought on “Infographics: An inside look into our lives!

  1. This article definitely shows how social media is further shaping our culture (i.e. from real estate to fast food to relationships). As for how much social media will change our individual thinking remains to be seen. The decisions we make and the opinions we form are all derived from other touch points; social media is just an added touch point that factors in to the equation as to how our individual decisions will be made in the future. Every social media user still possesses individuality and is capable of making intelligent decisions. However, how influential social media will become in deriving such individual decisions also remains to be seen. It is still hard to say whether or not every decision that is made will have some sort of social media dependency or inter-connection in some way. On the flipside, I believe keeping our own individuality still should take precedence in any decision process as opposed to also considering the opinions of others before making our own individual decision. Not to say that this should not be considered in the decision making process, but there is a fine line that needs to be balanced in making competent decisions while remaining unique and staying confident in our own believes.

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