Twitter in business: support tools for Customer Call Centers

As social media became a well known tools all over the world, many business organizations are trying to utilize them effectively.

although we hear many attempts for marketing strategies, today I found an article from Japan which talks about connecting customer call centers with social media tools.

On May 20, Japan Avaya announced their new product “social media gateway” and “social media toolkit” . According to their announcement, “Social media Gateway” will monitor tweets based on keywords and other queries set by the users, and “Social Media Toolkit” will filter the tweets and distribute them to the most relevant department or personnel.

these tools can even break down tweets from most urgent to least urgent, allowing most efficient operations at call centers. Furthermore, all the data collected by these software can send feedback to the product planning/development side to give some idea on product improvement by giving some suggestions based on analysis run by the software.

Social Media Gateway for operators

Initially, Japanese business organizations were skeptical about social media, because they believed that such tools are only used by those who are tech savvy. also, they didn’t believe that people would shift from anonymous online communities to Facebook or Twitter. However, both Facebook and Twitter recorded significant growth in membership, that companies can no longer ignore. (FB=7million, Twitter=17million as of March)

if we can reach customer services through Twitter, I think it’s much better than waiting on the phone listening to voice instructions and even getting sent back and forth between different departments.  Both customers and call center personnel can save some time, if “Social Media Gateway” and “Social Media Toolkit” sell well….

if you were the business owner, would you spend $10~20K for such software?


One thought on “Twitter in business: support tools for Customer Call Centers

  1. If I had a mid sized firm where I had the capital to fund such a product, I would definitely invest in this technology. I like the feature where it can distinguish between more important messages. However, I think for small firms or start-up companies, it is too costly and would not add to the bottom line.

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