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A while back I saw OFWGKTA (disclaimer: NSFW) on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.   Their performance was… not Top 40?  But the most interesting part of the whole segment was that Jimmy Fallon held up an LP-sized QR code instead of an album cover when introducing the band.  Just Google “Odd Future QR Code” and this image pops up:

You can use your mobile phone to take a picture of the code and guess where it takes you?

I got curious about QR Codes and then my Brazilian friend told me about Editoras (the Brazilian Amazon) and their QR Code marketing campaign:

The book’s website is here: AmoreOdio

Make your own QR Codes here: Generator

Apps for your phone: iPhone  Android

PS – if you post a QR Code in the comments section (linking your twitter account), I’ll follow you right away & RT you.


5 thoughts on “QR Codes

  1. http://qrcode.kaywa.com/img.php?s=8&d=http%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2FCMYBacon

    Mike, I believe these 2 examples of QR codes illustrate that despite being an efficient way for a viewer to take a desired action (visit a specific website after seeing an ad, for example), mass adoption of QR usage faces a couple significant hurdles.

    1) On most phones, it requires downloading a separate QR reader app. While many early adopters have done this, I think many mobile users see this as a superfluous add-on or simply don’t understand what QR codes are. Until QR readers become part of the factory-issued software on phones, the average mobile user won’t be using them.

    2) From a design perspective, QR codes are hideous. I have seen very few examples of the codes being fluidly integrated into an ad (or any other medium). They often look out of place and awkward. In fact, the most “successful” examples I’ve seen are often ones where the QR code is the central element of the design, like the ones above. But using the codes in that sort of “in your face” way seems a bit gimmicky to me and it makes me think that tactic won’t last. Design and user interface play a significant role in the adoption process, so it’s up to the those people to discover appealing and intuitive ways to use QR codes.

    • Martin,

      I think you make a great point about the lack of education of the goal/purpose of QR codes. QR codes were launched under the radar and I believe the creators relied too much on word of mouth from early adopters of the technology, that being said QR codes are now everywhere and i have a feeling they will be around for awhile longer.

      The most efficient use of QR Codes I’ve seen is to direct consumers to a website/blog for more information on a product or service after the initial ad succeeded in getting that consumer’s attention.

      To address the two shortcoming you mentioned:

      1) Getting a bar code reader is simple, fast and most importantly ‘free’ in most app stores for the different platforms, I, personally don’t find the extra step superfluous, because once you download the app reading QR codes is as simple as “point and click”

      2) The QR codes may be hideous but they perform a worthwhile function, and I believe their function is what has made them so popular and what will continue to make them popular in the near future.

      QR Codes play to a certain instinctual curiosity we all have. Seeing the bar code naturally makes you want to see where it leads you to if you scan it.

      I agree with you that this technology is still in its infancy, however I think with a little re-engineering and some ad dollars QR codes will keep gaining traction.

      Carl B.

  2. My only experience with QR codes thus far is from owning a blackberry and realizing that each blackberry has its very own QR code. This was a new and interesting way to add bbm contacts although, I have to be honest, I found that it was inconsistent. Scanning was always a challenge and wound up being even more time consuming that just putting in someone’s pin.

    My conclusion, I’d be on board with QR codes and scanning if I could be assured that the technology used to scan worked properly. So far…not impressed.

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