Did you log on PTT today?


This article mainly introduced one of most popular social media platform, PTT, in Taiwan. PTT is a BBS (Bulletin Board System) base social media platform. This platform has more than 1.5 million members with the diverse user coverage from current students to graduated alumni and can site hosts around 100,000 visitors at same time.

The user number might be far less than that of major social media sites likes Facebook or Twitter. But imagine 90% of the universities have their own BBS, and almost every student is active in more than one account on BBS; thereofore, the power of this channel can easily be multiplied.

In general, PTT did not as function as Facebook or Twitter, because user can not post any photo or music on this platform. User can only post article or response the article and member needs to install some specific software to start use BBS. But logged on PTT is one of main activity that college student in Taiwan will do everyday.

Now day, we would say Facebook is web 2.0, but for BBS (Bulletin Board System), I think it only can be thought as web 0.5 but it still attracts almost 100 thousands regular users to get online everyday. So do you think the technology is the most important part or the ability to attract more users is the key factor for a success social media platform?


2 thoughts on “Did you log on PTT today?

  1. This is a great article. To answer your question I think that it is a web site’s ability to attract more users that is more important than how high tech it is because of what we have talked about in class, the network effect. With more and more users connected over one site, the power of that network grows exponentially and so many new and innovative ideas can stem from such a large network all in one place.

    • I agree, Kevin. With more users, the site will be tempted to find better measures for improvements for its growing user base. PTT shows great potential to hit Facebook stardom if the site’s creators listen to what users want from a social site.

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