Tweeting can be detrimental to your love life?

I found this article to be very amusing because of the data it is reporting and since a recent business plan competition I worked on looked at social media and the use of the internet for finding love.

OKCupid, a popular online dating site, presented 2 conclusions about Twitter users based on analyzing >800K users:

1) People who use Twitter every day tend to have shorter relationships

2) It gets worse as you get older

The differential in the length of relationships – ~1-2 months. Is this really a difference worth reporting??

Meanwhile in the research my team conducted for our business proposal ~17% of couples are meeting based off Twitter.

The article talks about some other interesting facts about individuals who tweet often – which I am too shy to post on this blog.

Interesting how the use of social media tools are being analyzed for trends and to characterize the people using them.


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