Walmart buys Social Media site Kosmix

Referring to the article: Here

A fitting follow up to our many discussions this year on how Social Media acts as an aggregator that can provide additional information and change the way businesses advertise and communicate with its customers.  Wal-Mart once a darling of Wall Street and now considered a stagnant stock and company who hasn’t really provided any investor value in over 15+ years has jumped into the fray and acquired Kosmix who’s founder stated:

“The first generation of e-commerce was about bringing the store to the Web. The next generation will be about building integrated experiences that leverage the store, the Web and mobile, with social identity being the glue that binds the experience”

This is essentially what we learned from Facebook (which is Tuesday night American Idol + Sunday night NFL) or the glue that can adjoin the users to the new brand of e-commerce and its new / integrated experience for the customer.

Consulting firm Booz Allen follows up with: “If you are a company looking to engage customers, the question is not how to beat Facebook, but how to make use of Facebook as a lead generation engine, a sales channel, or a marketing and P.R. tool.”

I believe this is what Kevin Colleran said he uses in his sales pitch to the large corporations he markets Facebook’s capabilities to.


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