The Social Media Presidential Campaign

Referring to the article: Here

This is a fantastic follow up to the President Obama & Social Media case study from earlier this semester.  While we realize that social media filled the biggest position in the world for a relative unknown; 2012 candidates are hoping that they can harness the same social power that the 2008 elections threw into the spotlight.

The famous gaffe of John McCain “I dont even use email” is a lesson learned by many competitors and seekers of the US Presidency.

I read “Decision Points” by Dubya on his failed presidency and he mentions how he realized that once the American Public elected William Jefferson Clinton; the first of the baby boomers and obviously not having served in WWII that the public would not go backwards.

This is our version of the baby boomer shift.  Once we elected a President who was Internet savvy and used Social Media well; we’re not going backwards.  Keep up or fall behind 2012 candidates.

Are you IN?


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