In the Mood…..

Based on the following write-up: on Trendcentral

Are you feeling a little down today? Maybe your boss has given you yet another assignment to your already busy schedule or you don’t have any Facebook messages today. Whatever the reason may be… there are new apps to help change your mood.

A few weeks ago, we discussed how depressed youth are getting as a result of some social media outlets (i.e. Facebook) but there are two apps that are in the trendcentral article that could change their frown upside down.

Introducing the Happy Apps.

For just $1.99 your mood can be altered with the Happy Apps. The Happy Apps, is a  “downloadable set of tools that allows you to experience mood-enhancing treatments through your iPhone or iPad”. An example of what it looks like can be seen below. The ap uses light as a form of therapy and can programmed to change color to help your mood for the day.

In addition to the Happy Apps, another mood changing app has been developed called the Moodagent . This app is really cool because it allows users to have a music playlist created based on their mood. There are four categories to choose from including sensuality, tenderness, happiness and anger while you can adjust the “virtual emotional barometer”. The Moodagent iPhone app can build this playlist from the billion plus library of tunes they have available in their data base.

So for $4.99 you can have a playlist that alters to your mood everyday.

definitely a Mood Changer….


One thought on “In the Mood…..

  1. Wow this is the use of social media gadgets on a whole different level…there is actually alot of psychological research about how light affects happiness- so someone is capitalizing on some of the tips in an innovative way!

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