Social Media and the local trend…

Here is an article about a small region in Connecticut seeing some substantial growth for tourism, due to a little magic from the world of social media.

The story itself may seem a little drone, but its catching on some larger trends happening in the social space. People want their media to be more concentrated and focused towards them. “Personalization” through social media is bringing things ever more localized. Deals through websites like Groupon, LivingSocial and the like have little overarching discounts, but rather – ones specific to your area.

What I’m getting at is – we’re seeing that people want a little focus in a mess of information. If I want tourism in Northeast Connecticut, I’m going to find the niche that will fulfill that desire. In order to fill that void, I may go to social networking sites that will offer a more personal/local feel. The consumer wants simplicity and community; however homogenized it may feel.



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