Fordham Food Cited

This morning, while doing my usual Twitter check, I saw the guys at Barstool Sports tweeted a story about health inspectors citing four of Fordham’s Sodexho dining facilities, placing them in the lowest grade bracket.  This was due to a variety of issues, including evidence of mice and roaches, as well as the improper storage of food.  Luckily for many of us, this wasn’t at the Lincoln Center cafeteria, who garnered a clean score, despite being cited for “hand washing facility not provided in or near food preparation area and toilet room.”  Not the best news to hear following our recent downgrade.

Since the Barstool tweet, it has been retweeted several times, and a quick search on Fordham shows a variety of tweets, including:

– fordham university dining facilities all receive horrifying health grades well over 27 points, don’t send your child here

– #fordham u’s dining fails health inspection. demand a refund!!

– Why am I not surprised? Fail, Fordham. Fail.

– and my parents wondered why i ordered takeout so often at fordham

– hmm #Fordham food gets a C rating (which is abysmal) on healthstandards. Good thing I didnt get a meal plan this year #winning

Should be interesting to see if this disappears quickly or if the complaints go anywhere.  Whatever the case, I know I’ll be sticking to pre-packaged cereal before class every week.


One thought on “Fordham Food Cited

  1. As my group is wrapping up our social media strategy for school, so many ideas come to mind with this! Tweets like this set forth such opportunity for a brand (in this case Fordham) to prove negative comments like this otherwise.

    Also, eventhough the Lincoln Center cafeteria wasn’t part of this rant, that place is kind of skeevy…

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